R 8,499.00 R 10,000.00

Our student kit is designed to offer the student the most versatility and range that can be had with our product selection. The products are full-size, and of the same quality as all of our products.

Ideal for practicing a wide assortment of looks, this kit, which is the closest to a complete artistry kit, includes:

  • The Sormé Professional Face Palette,
  • Eye Pencils in Black, Brown and Charcoal,
  • Lip Pencils in Natural Nude, Chestnut and Tease,
  • Eyebrow Pencils in True Taupe and Dark Brown,
  • UltraLash Mascara in Black,
  • Liquid Jet Liner in Black & Brown,
  • Lip Thick Glosses in Clear, Barely and Demure,
  • Liquid Illusion Foundation in Beige Nude,
  • Believable Cover Concealer in Light & Medium,
  • Lipstick in Spirit, Dazzling and Cherish,
  • Fresh Start Primer,
  • Undershadow Base,
  • 6 Professional Brushes - Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Fluff Brush, Concealer Brush, Angled Shader Brush and a Lip Brush,
  • 3-in-1 Sharpener.

The Sormé Professional Face Palette comes with 10 Eye Shadows, 4 Wet/Dry Blushes, 4 Wet/Dry Foundations, and one Believable Bronzer.

NB: If you register as a student or professional makeup artist with us, complete a short Sormé Professional accreditation program then you'll receive a 15% professional discount for all your future purchases with us! 

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