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Who is Sormé Treatment Cosmetics South Africa?

Women of all ages have sensitive skin and are hesitant to wear cosmetics to look their best. We include skin care and other natural ingredients in all our products to make them light, beneficial and healing for your skin. Our clients are real women who love rediscovering their own beauty again through our makeup because of its lightness, comfort and overall skin improvement. We believe makeup must be glamorous and beneficial for your skin.

Introducing our Shimmer Glow Wand. This sparkling mineral powder catches the sun’s rays for super allure on face, décolleté, all over the body. Sheer powder with built in brush applicator tucks into your bag for easy, mess free use anytime, anywhere! 

How to use your Sormé Shimmer Glow Wand?

  • Invert powder and shake to dispense powder into the brush.
  • Swirl over face and body as desired.
  • Push collar up over brush and twist cap down to close.

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