R 1,499.00

This retail display pack contains our Lip Thick Plumping Gloss (in Clear) (12 stock) all in a single, convenient display. Our Maxi-Lip® peptide stimulates natural collagen to increase lip fullness up to 40% in 30 days*. Fruit acids, Aloe Vera, and Vitamins A & K smooth lip lines and hydrate to keep lips kissing smooth.

The display features the following:

  • A compact counter display.
  • 12 saleable stock items. 
  • Compactly designed measurements: 13cm (w) x 13cm (l) x 21cm (h)
  • Discounted prices for replenishment of testers ensures its economical to maintain. 
  • Easy, on-line stock replenishment at wholesale prices ensures continued profits.

The above ensures that this display is a profitable investment and perfect placement in any retail environment.

The pricing of the display stands excludes VAT

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