R 2,299.00

This retail display pack contains our oil-free, silicone free, smoothing and perfecting makeup primer, in both the oil-free and anti-aging variants, all in a single, professional display.

This light, fast-drying formula instantly evens out skin discolourations, smooths skin texture, and fills in fine lines and wrinkles so that makeup goes on evenly and lasts far longer without touch ups. 

The display features the following:

  • A compact counter display
  • 9 saleable stock items (6 of the anti-aging variant and 3 of the oil-free variant)
  • Compactly designed measurements: 13cm (w) x 13cm (l) x 21cm (h)
  • Discounted prices for replenishment of testers ensures its economical to maintain.
  • Easy, on-line stock replenishment at wholesale prices ensures continued profits.

The above ensures that this display is a profitable investment and perfect placement in any retail environment.

The pricing of the display stands excludes VAT

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