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If your skin is normal to oily then this is an easy to follow skincare regimen for you. All of the following seven products are included in this pack.

  1. Exfoliating Fruit Cleanser used daily in the morning or evening.
  2. Soothing Floral Toner used daily in the morning or evening.
  3. Citrus 'C' Purifying Mask applied 2 to 3 times a week
  4. Micro Derma-Peel used 3 times a week, but never on consecutive days
  5. Intensive 'C' Serum used 1 to 2 occasions, daily
  6. Daily Defence Cream applied each morning
  7. Firming Mineral Moisture Cream used as needed.

When applying skincare products remember the product application sequence

  1. Cleanser
  2. Exfoliator
  3. Soothing Floral Toner
  4. Eye Treatments
  5. Anti-Age Serums
  6. Anti-Age Creams
  7. SPF 30 Cream (always the last skincare item BEFORE makeup application).

Save up to 20% on this collection in respect to purchasing products individually.

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