Become an Official Reseller!

Why open a Sormé retail company in your area?

When you own your own Sormé retail company you are assured of a business that is built on sound principles, with the support to ensure your best chance of success.  Once your application is approved you will have:

  • Access to a great product with handsome retail margins.
  • The choice of exclusive geography's free of other resellers.
  • Top performers will have first offerings of new geography's as we release them and opportunities to open official Sormé retail stores.
  • Logistics support in that we will pick, pack and deliver all your orders so you can focus on the all important sales.
  • Our customer upfront payment systems mean that you will never have to run around collecting payments especially those nasty overdue ones. This also means that you don't have the stress of managing your cashflow or worse having your account suspended.
  • Best of all you will earn commission on all the online sales that come from your geography irrespective of whether you initiated the sale or not.
  • We provide continuous training and all the support you require.
  • The opportunity to grow your own business.

    We understand the reseller is the most important person and we want the best resellers in the world!

    So what sort of person will make a great Sormé/Refineé reseller? 

    As a reseller you are an extension of our brand and hence we want nothing but the best. That said, we would value the following points when considering serious applications:

    • Business and sales performance acumen. Its top of our list for a reason because we are looking for those who understand how to run their own business and have the drive to meet their sales targets.
    • Proven sales record. Extra bonus points if its within cosmetics or associated products. Burly hardware salesmen needn't apply.
    • Access to an existing network of female clients. This is important to get growing quickly.
    • Passion, dedication and an interest in selling high quality cosmetics. You must love what you do, so they say. Bright, happy and those who take pride in their appearance!

    Confident you have what it takes?

    That sounds great how much money do I need?

    It does depend on various factors for instance, the area you want to operate and your previous experience, amongst others. However there is no such thing as a free lunch so you will need have access to capital to get the ball rolling.

    There will be a upfront joining fee however the costs of which will be returned to you in the following way:

    • The fee will firstly buy you an exclusive area which is yours until you sell it on. If you have nurtured and grown its potential then it'll be worth more than you paid for it. 
    • It also covers a full round initial training covering both business and product training.
    • Include a complete package of relevant product and marketing material.
    • Access to our online order and payment management systems.
    • A starter kit of samples and testers.
    • And lots of other goodies...

    How much money will I make?

    That depends on you, if you are an experienced self starter, who has a sales, cosmetic and managerial background you'd be flying soon enough. 

    With the above in mind, each area is carefully selected to ensure it has the right mix of business and individual clientele, the right LSM, the right population density and sufficient numbers in our target market. However your ability to communicate our message, build excellent customer relationships and deliver the service that goes along with this product, will impact on the money you make.

    We have responsibilities too, firstly we will ensure that the business plan drafted for your area, makes profitable and financial sense before you start, to this we will offer on-going business support, complete logistics support and a tailored marketing plan.

    There are a lot of similar companies, what makes yours different?

    We respectfully disagree, whilst it is true there are alternate companies who offer what they term ‘network sales’, this is not what Sormé in South Africa is about. Our offer to you is completely different for a number of reasons:

    • You will never have to continuously recruit sales people below you to prop up a pyramid.
    • Your geographical area is yours; no other sales person will be able to sell to your customers. Unallocated areas are free game.
    • You will never be expected to buy an invoice book and handwrite invoices, or package orders for customers with ‘pretty little ribbons’ and drive around delivering these. We respect your time, your acumen and the level of professionalism you will be employing at Sormé. Your task will be to build and maintain lasting relationships, while we take care of the behind the scenes for you.
    • You are expected to work full time, it is not a part time gig between ballet and karate classes.
    • You will earn your commission on all sales within your area, even if they come via the website and you had no personal interaction. We do however request that you visit that customer to ensure they are using the correct product, and in such a way it delivers what we promise. 

    Yes it is all about relationships and if you give of your best, you will not be let down by false and unrealistic promises.

    When do I start?

    Start today by contacting our commercial director on for more information. Subject to a positive recommendation on the reports we commission, your access to funds, and the signing of the agreements, you could be trading in as little as 21 days!