Having the right brushes can make the difference between an average application and the one everyone will remember.

Each makeup brand has different ingredients and formulations and our professional cosmetic brushes are designed specifically for the Sormé Treatment Cosmetics range. Its reassuring to know each professional Sormé brush is designed not only for the intended application but for the actual makeup being used.

Clients will often say they have had a reaction to a particular product in their makeup kit and the first question to ask is how clean are your application tools?

How do we clean our brushes?

  1. You can use a drop of sulphate free shampoo in the palm of a damp hand per brush and gently rub the bristles in the shampoo and wash them. Rinse with clean water, place brushes onto a towel and allow to air dry.
  2. Place 99% alcohol into a spray bottle, take a tissue and place the brush head on top of the tissue. Spray the alcohol directly onto the bristles and rub the excess make-up off onto the tissue.

Using both methods concurrently will offer maximum cleanliness of your brushes. Both can be purchased from your local pharmacies.