The Art of Make-Up May 26, 2015 22:24

The concept of a professional make-up artist being an artist in their own right may sound a little far fetched to most. However this cannot be nearer the truth. Once you dig a little into the profession you soon discover the high level of complexity and artistry that surround professional cosmetics.

Any professional make-up artist will have an innate ability of illusion and manipulation of the different shapes and features of the human face. The human face is a myriad of different shapes, features and elliptical curves, each interacting with the ambient light to create reflections, shadows and halftones. Add in motion and changing light environments and one quickly begins to understand the artistry the modern make-up artist weaves.

This artistry goes beyond equipment and brands. That said each professional make-up artist has his or her favourites. We will explore what professionals look for in each in future blogs.

Returning to the topic at hand, there are approximately eight different face types, six eye types and just as many lip types. If we factor in the various skin types and tones and the vast array of brow types then the make-up artist is faced with literally thousands of combinations to master. Blending, filling, concealing, contouring, accentuating, setting, lining, arching, priming, blushing, tinting, extending and toning… all in a days work.

Now let us contextualise the above by considering the requirements and the environment. From the all-important wedding day to the professional photo shoot to the female executive needing the corporate edge and latest palate. Each has completely different requirements to function best in your environment and your make-up artist has to be on top form to maximise each opportunity.

So is there any doubt just how much work and artistic talent your make-up puts into their job? So then why not recognise them for this? Sormé South Africa is running a competition to find those make-up artists that go the extra mile to make you look your best… when it matters most!




Thank your favourite make-up artist May 20, 2015 21:25

Most women feel comfortable and confident enough to apply their own make up each day, but every now and then a special occasion calls for a little bit of pampering and the expert touch! On those days you don't want to be self conscience of your makeup and continuously double checking and that is why you employ these superstars. They understand all the factors such as the lighting, the climate and the location so that you look great in person, on film and under lights without having to worry about makeup. Most importantly they have experience in choosing the right brands to apply a look that will last the whole day.
Is your makeup artist a superstar? Why not nominate them for the 2015 Sormé makeup artist of the year award, they stand to win amazing prizes, and there is a R2000,00 Sormé/Refineé gift voucher up for grabs to one person who nominates their favourite makeup artist.