Appropriate hygiene for make-up application tools August 20, 2015 08:00

Hair and Make-Up Professional Erin Smylie (@erinsmylie) talks to us about hygiene regimes for your make-up applicators 

[Photo by: Jack and Jane].

There is a big desire to have all the tools and products to apply make-up as perfectly as the professionals. You get told you need these particular items as this will assist you in creating the perfect face with the professional product you have bought.

I am not denying that this is not true. Tools such as brushes, powder puffs and make-up sponges assist in the application of make-up.

What clients are not educated about is the cleaning and sanitising process to keep your tools in a usable state.

Clients will often say they have had a reaction to a particular product in their makeup kit and the first questions I ask is how long have you had that product for, how do you apply it to your face and how clean are your application tools?

How do I clean my brushes?

  1. You can use a drop of sulphate free shampoo in the palm of a damp hand per brush and gently rub the bristles in the shampoo and wash them. Rinse with clean water, place brushes onto a towel and allow to air dry.
  2. Place 99% alcohol into a spray bottle, take a tissue and place the brush head on top of the tissue. Spray the alcohol directly onto the bristles and rub the excess make-up off onto the tissue.

Using both methods concurrently will offer maximum cleanliness of your brushes. Both can be purchased from your local pharmacies.

Make-up Sponges and Powder Puffs can also be washed and air dried. They should not be kept for longer than 2-3 weeks if being washed appropriately. These items are breeding grounds for bacteria and can easily cause many skin irritations or even acne breakouts. Cross contamination of product can also take place if not careful.

They are easily available in bulk packs at various stores and not very expensive.

The rule with Mascara is that one person should use from that bottle. Should sharing of a bottle take place, ensure you have disposable mascara wands. These are available at various stores.

They can either be washed and sanitise for reuse or disposed of after an application. Never double dip a disposable mascara wand and rather use one per eye.

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