Sormè Ultimate Pro Tips – Bronzer and Blush June 3, 2015 08:00

Flawless Application with Bronzer and Blush

There is more to creating a flawless look than great makeup...using quality products in your daily regime is essential!! However, even an excellent product can be used poorly.

The goal of these articles is to give you the professional application tips and techniques to make the most of your desired Sormè looks. Here are some easy and simple steps to follow for that great flawless look.  (Just like the professionals do it!)

  • Did you know that Blush can be used as shadows?  I think this is great, as now you have more choices for colours and you can mix and match your makeup!
  • Long Wearing Wet / Dry Blush should be applied with a brush.
  • Applying a Blush on the hallow of your cheeks in a upward stroke, gives the illusion of contour without a darker powder or foundation.  Remember to blend softly.
  • To give the illusion of youth, keep the colour to the centre of the apple of the cheek.
  • Angular shapes accentuate any hollowing that may occur with age, and can make a face look older.  So once again we can see the importance of application!

Remember: Angles determine age...try circular shapes and centralised placement for a youthful look!