1 week today! June 1, 2015 08:00

One week ago we were really proud to show off our new brands to the South African market! It has been only one week, and we have been amazed with the love shown to us. As we write this we have 130 facebook likes, and have been inundated with emails, text messages and phone calls of support!

Thank you!

As some of the eagle eyed among you noticed, we had a few gremlins slip into the system, but these have now been rectified (please let us know if you see anything else) and our social media buttons and our newsletter subscriptions are now working as expected.

We also added our rewards program, where as a customer you will earn points for each order you place, these points can be redeemed for vouchers and products, you can even earn points by sharing our site with your friends and family on facebook, twitter, or email!

We ask that if you please continue to spread the word, and remember that you can try any product on our site risk free. Whats more if you order today you can take 15% off the cost of your order by using the code "Friends15off"

We cannot wait for you to try our products!
Thanks again
The Sormé & Refineé team