Don't forget the brush June 3, 2015 08:00

Purchasing high quality cosmetics such as Sormé is far from cheap, however the confidence that comes with having a great appearance is well worth the money and time invested. Every day women around the world spend millions of Rands on their makeup, they then spend considerable time applying the makeup, but relatively few make the investment into good quality brushes.

Great makeup brushes are an investment, and when they are of a superb quality like those from the Sormé professional range they will be considerably cheaper to own in the long run. The adage goes 'a chain is as strong as its weakest link', don't let not owning the right brushes be the weak link in your beauty routine.

The right brush lasts a very long time, and is far better at applying make up evenly for a polished look when compared with using a cotton swab, a makeup wedge or even your finger. It is good for the environment too as brushes are easily washed and will last a very long time!

Importantly for those that suffer from acne, using a brush has been shown to prevent or minimise breakouts as it is more sanitary.

What makes a great brush? Firstly the bristles, Sormé uses the right bristles for the right application, some Sormé brushes contain all natural bristles whilst others use only high quality synthetic bristles. You don't have to worry to choose between the two, Sormé uses only the best option for the specific function. Next is the build of the brush, using only the best materials longevity is ensured.