Sormè Ultimate Pro Tips – Primer and Foundation May 25, 2015 21:34

Flawless Application with Sormè Primers and Foundations

There is more to creating a flawless look than great makeup...using quality products help!! However, even an excellent product can be used poorly.

The goal of these articles is to give you the professional application tips and techniques to make the most of your desired Sormè looks. Here are some easy and simple steps to follow for that great flawless look.  (Just like the professionals do it!)

Step One - Primers: 

  • Start with a clean, moisturised and toned face. I love the Refineè Skincare range, as it is so beautiful and fresh. 
  • Apply Fresh Start Primer with a brush or sponge. One pump should be enough for the face, neck, and décolleté.  (Do not use too much or the Aloe in the product may congeal on the skin, which can then result in an uneven application and streaking). Great for men after shaving!  I even got my man to try it!
  • Undershadow Primer should be used with a concealer brush; It should never look like a white cream on the skin but rather be blended out to a soft powder finish. Use this Undershadow Primer over dark circles, blemishes, rosacea, and hyper pigmentation to lessen their appearance under foundation.  I uses this especially for my dark rings under my eyes and it works well.

Priming the skin creates a flawless canvas on which we can apply foundation for a flawless finish!

Step Two – Foundation:

  • Apply Mineral Illusions with a foundation brush or sponge.  I always used to use a sponge but must say swopping over to a brush was fantastic.
  • Apply Mineral Secrets with a Powder of Kabuki Brush, except when heavier coverage is needed, then apply the powder with a sponge and blend with a brush. Use Mineral Secrets as a setting finish over Mineral Illusion if you want to powder your foundation. This does create a beautiful finish.
  • Believable Finish Powders can be applied dry and with a brush, dry with sponge or wet. The key is to wet the sponge and not the product. If you use the product wet, you will achieve a fuller coverage. Contains some oil and should not be used over a liquid foundation.

Look out for our next blog where we will share tips on using blushers and the first steps for fabulous eyes!