Thank your favourite make-up artist May 20, 2015 21:25

Most women feel comfortable and confident enough to apply their own make up each day, but every now and then a special occasion calls for a little bit of pampering and the expert touch! On those days you don't want to be self conscience of your makeup and continuously double checking and that is why you employ these superstars. They understand all the factors such as the lighting, the climate and the location so that you look great in person, on film and under lights without having to worry about makeup. Most importantly they have experience in choosing the right brands to apply a look that will last the whole day.
Is your makeup artist a superstar? Why not nominate them for the 2015 Sormé makeup artist of the year award, they stand to win amazing prizes, and there is a R2000,00 Sormé/Refineé gift voucher up for grabs to one person who nominates their favourite makeup artist.