What We Do

Real women of all ages have sensitive skin and are hesitant to wear makeup to look their best, often resulting in uncomfortable reactions when they do. We include skincare and other natural ingredients in all our cosmetic products to make them light, beneficial and healing for your skin. We also offer a complimentary range of skincare products to ensure your skin is in the best hands. Our clients are real women who love rediscovering their own beauty again through our makeup because of its lightness, comfort and overall skin improvement.

So why Sormé Treatment Cosmetics & Refineé Skin Care?

  • All our products are 100% cruelty free.  
  • Designed in Beverly Hills, USA to care for your skin and to fully compliment your skincare regime.
  • Highly pigmented for perfect colour and all day longevity.
  • Our cosmetics heal and soothe with natural minerals, active plant botanicals, antioxidants and healing vitamins.
  • They also reverse the signs of ageing with clinically proven anti-ageing peptides.
  • Our products are used and recommended by cosmetic professionals and celebrities alike. 
  • Although global brands, our products are manufactured exclusively in the USA, Germany and Italy.

Our Mission

Sormé Treatment Cosmetics and Refineé Skincare were created with the professional makeup artist and skincare professional in mind. Every product has been developed to accomplish one primary goal:

"To make available a high grade professional quality makeup line that can be used on all clients, for extended periods, without the risk of causing any undesirable reactions or side effects."

This has been the Sormé advantage for over twenty years... Makeup artists around the world have trusted their work and reputation to our entire range of quality products.

The Sormé Professional difference is not only in choosing the finest and purest ingredients but also through our uniquely designed packaging that has the professional user in mind. All Sormé Professional products have been thoroughly tested and perfected by professional makeup artists to accommodate their constant use.

Sormé is the makeup artist's professional secret, now available to you!